Vacuuming Behind Doors

I believe God speaks to each of us in different ways. With the holiday weekend quickly approaching and some friends headed to our house to visit, I found myself vacuuming the floors. I affectionately refer to vacuuming as “indoor mowing.” While vacuuming I was tempted to take a couple shortcuts as I had several church tasks I needed to knock out. As I was contemplating my indoor mowing shortcuts, I was reminded by the Holy Spirit to do what I do with excellence. Would anyone notice that I did not vacuum behind the doors in our home? Highly unlikely, but I would know and for some reason that shortcut did not set well with me. I took the extra time to vacuum behind the doors today not because I am special or better than anyone else, but because I want to be a person of excellence.


The Bible tells us in Daniel 6:3 that Daniel had an excellent spirit within him. Joseph, one of my most beloved Bible characters, also had an excellent spirit. It did not matter where or what type of situation he was placed in, he always rose to the top. Put him in a pit and he still succeeds, give him a lowly manservant job and he elevates. Place Joe in prison and he still ends up calling the shots in Egypt. Why? Because he did everything with excellence. We all cut corners from time to time and please know that I am not judging anyone. I could care less if you vacuum behind doors, but I do think that we should strive for excellence on the job and in our personal lives…even when no one is looking. In the dark is where character shines the brightest.


A few years ago I had a discussion with my Pastor (Marcus Mecum). He may not even remember the conversation, but his words stuck with me many years later as I have mentally rehashed those statements numerous times. That day pastor talked about three things that needed to occur to build a great church. The first key was to surround yourself with the right people/staff. Second, he said to work harder than those around you. Lastly, he said, “do everything you do with excellence. “ I watched those tips modeled at 7 Hills over the last decade and saw God orchestrate something truly special.  I want to carry that model in my home and in Lake Hills Church.