Romans 12: 4-5 states, “Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function,  so it is with Christ’s body. We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.”


Recently I was reading about an individual who had lost a leg due to an accident. Amputees often deal with something known as phantom limb syndrome. The effects of phantom limb syndrome include the sensations of numbness, pain, itching, stabbing, burning, and cramping where the limb was once attached.

Neurologists haven’t pinpointed the exact cause of phantom limb syndrome. However, it is thought that the sensations are due to the brain’s attempt to reorganize sensory information following the amputation. The brain must essentially rewire itself to adjust to the changes in the body. I believe that every part of the body is necessary to function the way it was designed.

The same is true in the body of Christ – we each have a part to play. There are things that are unique to your call, to your story, your experiences, and your hobbies that make you qualified and the best choice to reach certain people. However, when we fail to function the way we were designed it causes other parts to step up and respond. Often the effect of functioning in a role we weren’t designed to do is similar to phantom limb syndrome: pain, numbness, and cramping. I think God will grace us and honor us if we are trying to fill a hole – but I don’t think it is His best for us to function outside of our gifts.

It is such an amazing thing when you see someone who is called to work with kids, finances, or marriages doing what they are gifted at. There is joy in the work, excitement in the ministry, and it becomes contagious to others. However, if someone is “filling in” to work in an area they are not gifted in it can be difficult, hard, and stressful for that individual.

There are people that I will never be able to REACH (whether because of distance, age, experiences, hobbies, or a variety of other reasons). However, when each of us operate in the gift and calling that God has for our lives it feels right, it is natural, and we can get more accomplished.

I challenge you to discover your spiritual gifts, personality, and what interests you and allow God to use you in that area to REACH others. On Sunday, July 10th – I am excited to spend some time during our BIBLE + BRUNCH helping each of you examine your passion as we prepare for the LAUNCH of Lake Hills Church.



Begin to think about what you are good at: teaching a second language? Being nice to people? Finances? Young Marrieds? Basketball? Pickleball? Marriage Mentoring? Grief Recovery? Faith? Logistics? Youth? College? Construction? Teaching? Outreach? Missions? Cleaning House? Cooking? Rocking Babies? Dance? Art? Teaching Kids? Music? Singing? Prayer?



Begin to pray that God will use you to REACH others through the passions He placed in your heart. There are people that will be natural for you to impact – that would be awkward if I tried to. Allow Him to speak to you during this season. Let’s get ready to REACH our community, families, neighbors, and co-workers!