The past two weeks the word Overwhelmed has been involved in nearly every conversation I have had and every song I sing. So many times, I have had to take attention because I knew God was trying to say something.

The definition of Overwhelm: a :  to cover over completely :  submerge b :  to overcome by superior force or numbers c :  to overpower in thought or feeling

I went to a funeral this past week of a dear Pastor in the community. Pastor Watson was in service recently and began to sing “In His Presence” and moments later he did exactly that, he left this earth and went to be in the Presence of Jesus. They said this Pastor had been saying the word “overwhelmed” and it was on his sermon notes that day as the family gathered his belongings. The word is simply everywhere I go. It is my prayer now : God overwhelm me….overwhelm Lake Hills, overwhelm your church!

Today as I was reading in the Book of Exodus (chapter 14) about the children of Israel and how when they were being pursued by Pharaoh’s army they began to complain, they were despondent and they said slavery was far better than dying in the wilderness.   The situation they faced was all they could see.   This was a group of people who had generations of disappointments, let downs, abuse, and things always getting worst (never better). They had been programmed to expect bad things to happen. They had a victim’s way of thinking. God wanted so desperately to show them things were going to be different. He took them on this journey and at every corner He wanted to show them how much He cared for them.

God’s response to their complaints (Ex. 14:15), “why are you crying out to me? Get moving!” As they watched Moses put his staff down the waters shifted and their situation changed. They ran across on dry land and the waters stood in attention to a God who was more than enough. A miracle….The impossible…..The supernatural occurred! It must have been overwhelming to see the waters stand in attention, to see the sand dry, to hear the massive sounds of the water as it stood back. It had to be breath taking and surreal to be a part of something so incredible. Nothing short of OVERWHELMING!

The Egyptians followed in pursuit, but the waters crashed and overwhelmed them. You see when God’s grace steps into your life it will overwhelm you with goodness, mercy, and hope. It will also overwhelm the enemy, the thing that has been stopping you; it will overwhelm your delays and open up doors in a miraculous way.

I believe God wants us to experience the Overwhelming : That which submerges us in His goodness. Overwhelming : That which overtakes our thoughts. That which completely covers us in His goodness, provision, and grace. As we approach the end of this year I am praying God OVERWHELM us in all that you have. Take our breath away!

God wants to change the years of delays, denials, abuse, disappointments, and hurt you have experienced. He wants to change the way you approach Him. He wants to OVERWHELM you! No more crying….walk into the overwhelming goodness He has ahead.