Solomon 1:4 : “Take me away with you – let us hurry!   Let the king bring me into his chambers.”


I believe this scripture gives us a little glimpse of our relationship with God. One of the keys to a successful marriage is intimacy. The bedroom is a private place for a couple. Things that are said in the bedroom, actions that take place are to be shared between a man and his wife. A marriage without intimacy is sure to crumble. Intimacy requires work on the part of both partners. Intimacy cannot be one sided. When intimacy becomes one sided the marriage relationship suffers. I believe our relationship with God is the same.

What He really desires from us is an intimate relationship. The chambers of the King were an intimate place. The Bible describes us as the bride of Christ. On a regular basis, there are things I say to God that I will not and do not say to anyone else. Why? Because we have an intimate relationship. God wants us to enter His chambers. His chambers are a safe place. His chambers are a place of intimacy. His chambers are a place where we can tell our deepest darkest secrets to someone we know and trust. Don’t we all need someone we trust unconditionally?

The heart of the king is for us to have an intimate relationship with Him. Intimacy begins with words. Talking with God is the beginning of intimacy. Intimate relationships develop when we converse, get to know one another. Is this not how we fall in love? If we didn’t first talk with our spouse we probably would not marry them. The more you talk, the closer you become. The first step to intimacy is prayer.

Spending time together/talking leads to a closer relationship. Like any relationship, intimacy comes in stages. Spiritually, God desires to be married to us. He wants our undivided attention. He is inviting us into His chambers, not because He needs us, but because we need Him. He is always full of love. The Bible tells us He is love. The only way he can teach us to truly understand love is by talking with Him. Prayer is the key to intimacy with God. Will you enter His chambers? Today I challenge you to talk with Him. Spend time in prayer. It won’t be long before He begins to share intimate moments with you. His words come alive when we spend time in His chambers.