Love = Reach Day 39

Read: John 4:1-26

Have you ever had a day, week or month that felt a little too ordinary? We get older, and we get busier. We add responsibilities, and we book up our schedules. The result is that our days begin to flow in a routine, which can sometimes feel a little, well… ordinary.

But there is good news! Jesus has a knack for showing up in the middle of something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. In fact, that’s what happened in John 4, when a woman’s life was changed when she met Jesus face to face. She was in the middle of another ordinary day with another ordinary chore. Just as she had done hundreds of times before, she went to the city well to fill her water jar for the day. As she walked up, she noticed a Jewish man sitting at the well. She paid him little attention as she set about her business of drawing water. But then something strange happened.

The man spoke to her….and not only did he speak to her, but he had an entire conversation with her. Eventually, he revealed to her that He was the Messiah that she and her people had been waiting for. Talk about an unexpected turn in her ordinary day!

What started as an ordinary day ended as the day that changed her life forever. What made it truly extraordinary was that the woman went on to tell everyone she knew about her experience with Jesus, and they all rushed out to where Jesus was so they could meet Him too.

There will be days to come that seem to be ordinary, but remember that Jesus is always there, and He is able to change lives. If we can only introduce ordinary people living ordinary lives to an extraordinary Savior they too can be forever changed!